A Ceilidh (pronounced ‘kaylee’) is originally a Gaelic word for ‘visit’ or ‘house party’, an informal gathering of people who inevitably get up to dance when the music starts playing! Traditionally a ceilidh or ceili would be danced to Scottish or Irish folk music.

These days Ceilidhs or Barn Dances (English version) are simply a fantastic way of involving everyone in a celebratory event photo 15 (2)regardless of age or ability. They are a wonderful mix of group & partner dances set to Scottish, English & Irish folk music with a few American reels thrown in. We always use a lively mix of the traditional standards as well as some contemporary foot-tapping folk music to get everyone up on the dance floor.


The dances are led by a ‘Caller’ who guides you through the steps before the music begins so everyone can join in with no pressure to get it right – going wrong is often half the fun anyway.

A Ceilidh is the perfect choice for a wedding reception as it always creates a warm & joyful atmosphere

–  bringing together all ages and capturing the happiness of the special day.

All photos copyright  Anna Park


Karyn & Richard 2



2 thoughts on “Ceilidhs

  1. Hiya would you be available for an event on the evening of Fri 15th July from 6 to midnight at a hall in Pirton for a social event for approx 100 people?? Could you please advise how much you would charge if so please.

    • Hi Nicky

      So sorry I didn’t see your request on our website ‘comments’ page I usually answer all queries via my email address.
      Hope we can be of service again in the future. As it happens we were at a wedding that weekend anyway.
      Apologies again,

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