Why choose Hedgerow Tipple?

Anna is an experienced qualified teacher who is happy to go into schools during term-time to lead traditional dance sessions.

Country Dancing

She has a large repertoire of dances not only in the tradition of barn dancing/country dancing but also circle dances from around the world including Israeli, Greek, Breton (French), Russian and South African dances to name but a few.


Learning fun traditional dances is a wonderful way to engage children in our rich heritage of dancing – keeping it alive for another generation as well as keeping children active! It is a valuable alternative indoor P.E. activity particularly for the autumn/spring term. Learning dances from different nationalities all around the world can also tie in very successfully with class projects in world geography ~ exploring different cultures.

Anna has flexibility during the school day and can offer morning or afternoon sessions which can also be used effectively by the school as cover for teacher’s PPA time. She is CRB checked and has been a qualified teacher for over 16 years.

Anna is happy to bring her own Sound System or use one that is already set up in the school hall.

Anna can provide weekly, monthly or one off dance sessions and prices start from as little as £35 a session.

Please email her for more information annapark@ntlworld.comimage

Or phone: 01582 833293

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