Booking Options               

Hedgerow Tipple can be reserved for bookings up to 1 year in advance. In the case of weddings, they are always happy to meet with the couple both in advance of a formal booking to discuss options for the evening celebrations and before the day itself.

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Fees & Legalities                                                                                Hedgerow Tipple have full Public Liability insurance for £5m and all their equipment has a PAT electrical safety certificate.

Booking a live Ceilidh/Barn dance band usually means paying for each musician’s time as well as the Caller so this is where husband and wife team Anna & Andy believe they can make a real difference – offering a great evening’s entertainment at a fraction of the cost of a live band. The cost of a Hedgerow Tipple Ceilidh generally ranges from £250 upwards depending very much on the distances involved, the timings/set up arrangements on the day, the duration of the entertainment, whether disco/lighting is required and the scale of the event.

Hedgerow Tipple require no staging and less set-up space than a live band so can easily perform in more modest sized halls, hotels & marquees where a band might struggle to fit – however if you were set on having a live band Anna does know a few great bands she is happy to Call with though this would obviously depend on their availability.image1

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If you decide to cancel a booking they would very much appreciate as much notice as possible as obviously this greatly affects their availability for other couples and events. They understand that sometimes things happen beyond your control & don’t feel it’s fair to charge a deposit if the decision to move dates/venues etc has to happen. (Their own wedding reception venue was double booked by the parish clerk so they had to move their wedding day forwards a month!) However they treat every booking with the highest level of commitment and expect the booking to be viewed with the same degree of respect.

To reassure you, over the last 15 years they have NEVER had to cancel a ceilidh/barn dance booking but obviously should the unthinkable happen they would always give you as much notice as possible. As they do not take any payment until after the event they are unable to offer compensation payments should they have to cancel (say due to accident/illness or injury) but they do have valuable contacts with other bands & callers so they would do their best to find replacements for you.

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General Bookings                              

Anna & Andy welcome bookings for any event whether it be a Special Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas party or any other social occasion. They will always offer a discount for charity fund-raising events.

Please email Anna or phone her on 01582 833293  to discuss your requirements and check their availability.


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